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Spring 2018 News

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The Ultra Deep Mining Network (UDMN) held its third annual Symposium for its 76 network members from across Canada on Dec. 13 and announced another UDMN commercial success by one of its members.

Mira Geoscience was presented with UDMN’s Outstanding Achievement in Commercialization award for a technical innovation and commercial sale that is becoming the industry’s most comprehensive, advanced geotechnical data management and hazard computation system. Mira Geoscience’s commercial successes continue to bring technology faster to market, which in turn benefits the mining industry and Canadians.

The focus of the $35 million UDMN is to help solve the challenge of mining in ultra-deep environments. As a national business-led network of Centres of Excellence, the UDMN, a CEMI (Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation) hosted program, is working with some of Canada’s deepest mines to help develop and adopt innovative technologies that are commercially viable. UDMN is the leading expert in Ultra-Deep mining (below 2.5 km) by supporting solution providers capable of creating technologies that can be used by mining companies.

As mines get deeper and as geotechnical issues grow more acute, the need for a system to support, record, and communicate geotechnical interpretation based on a multiplicity of data streams, at a greater data flow and with real-time data access, is imperative.

Mira Geoscience’s Geoscience INTEGRATOR was originally meant to accommodate the data management needs of SUMIT, a collaborative research program managed through CEMI. Through Mira Geoscience’s involvement in the follow-on Mining Observatory Data Control Centre project at SNOLAB, exploration data themes and a 3D visualization and query interface were added. This technology was also selected as the system to permanently host data from Canada’s largest mineral exploration R&D project, ‘Footprints,’ led by CMIC. Geoscience INTEGRATOR is now a UDMN project that supports, tracks, and reports on 4D dynamic mine models and associated geohazards.

The new solution interfaces with visualization, modelling, query, and expert system applications to drive exploration and mining success.