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Spring 2017

CEMI partners with Pattern Discovery
and Wireless Sensor Networks 
Sudbury-based CEMI (Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation) has partnered with Pattern Discovery Technologies Inc. (PDT) and Wireless Sensor Networks Inc. (WSN) to support their work on the first onboard diesel emissions monitoring system for underground mining equipment. 

The SenzLogic 2.0 is a ruggedized system using software created by PDT and hardware developed by WSN. Using state-of-the-art gas sensors from Draeger Safety, a world leader in mine safety, the system monitors emissions while the machinery is performing routine mining operations. Emissions measurements are integrated with engine diagnostic information to develop detailed models that reflect various duty cycles and corresponding emission profiles. Data can be logged locally, downloaded daily or transmitted wirelessly to surface through existing infrastructure for immediate interpretation and analysis. 

The technologies form the founda-tion of a platform for real-time monitoring of diesel equipment operation including the continuous evaluation of equipment health, operational efficiency and the impact on mine worker safety. Paul Sheremeto, President and CEO of Pattern Discovery Technologies Inc. notes that in addition to eliminating time consuming and inconsistent manual emissions testing procedures, it will streamline maintenance operations through remote monitoring and detection of deteriorating equipment performance. 

“Not only does the SenzLogic system provide a more accurate picture of real-time emissions in these environments, it also provides unprecedented early insight into potential engine problems for maintenance planning. The emissions profiles are leading indicators of issues for systems such as intake, exhaust, fuel injection and cooling. Combining emissions data with engine data will help to pinpoint these potential problem areas. The next phase of development is to combine this real time data with maintenance system information to predict equipment failure and plan maintenance intervention actions. This combination will dramatically streamline maintenance functions by reducing unexpected breakdowns through early diagnosis and provide useful feedback on effectiveness of maintenance activities once they have been performed.”

CEMI recognizes that this initiative will have a major impact on mining operations across Canada. For Douglas Morrison, President and CEO of CEMI, “Real-time monitoring of the exhaust gases of underground equipment when it is under full-load is one of the best ways to assess engine performance. There are several systems available today that make it possible to accurately monitor ambient air quality in mines. Combining ambient data and engine data helps us understand why the conditions are the way they are what we need to do to improve them.”

Given the benefits to Canadian mining and the opportunities to improve mining operations, CEMI has committed full support to the ongoing research and development of this real-time emissions monitoring initiative.


Spring 2017 News:
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• Forestry companies partner to improve wetland management
• Sabina Gold & Silver Corp optimistic on Black River
• CEMI partners with Pattern Discovery and Wireless Sensor Networks 
• NexGen begins winter drill program at Rook I

• EACOM invests over $13M in Elk Lake Sawmill
• Wesdome drills at Wawa
• NWT welcomes new road announcement
• Mining revenues fall in NWT and rise in Nunavut
• International Lithium/Pioneer Resources announce completion of drilling at Mavis Lake
• First Nations sign Shared Territory Protocol Agreement


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