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Winter 2017

Unifor plans for a strong forestry future
if all stakeholders act now
The forestry industry is poised for a strong future if governments and all stakeholders act now, Unifor wrote in a new policy publication.

“After painful restructuring over the last decade, we see many opportunities to rebuild and create jobs that benefit our communities and sustain the environment,” said Unifor’s national president Jerry Dias.

The Future of Forestry: A Workers Perspective for Successful, Sustainable and Just Forestry is a report from Unifor’s Forestry Industry Council, representing Unifor’s 24,000 forestry members. The full document can be accessed from

Given the challenges faced by unjustified US tariffs on softwood lumber, this timely publication says making the right policy choices will boost the value of the forestry industry and create good jobs by taking advantage of innovative technologies, new forest management practices and increasing skills.

Unifor’s report highlights the opportunities and challenges facing the nation’s third largest export industry. Its key forestry recommendations include:
• Pursuing fair trade and higher global standards
• Improving forest management to ensure sustainability at home and globally
• Expanding public investments in forestry
• Prioritizing reconciliation with Indigenous communities
• Partnering with stakeholders to maximize job growth and skills development
• Reinstating National Forestry Council

Unifor is Canada’s largest union in the private sector, representing more than 315,000 workers in every major area of the economy.


Winter 2017 News:
• IFIT extended
• EACOM Timber acquires Anthony-EACOM
• Canadian mining sector’s clean resources proposal shortlisted
• Ottawa launches new mass timber construction program
• Unifor plans for a strong forestry future if all stakeholders act now
NRC releases State of Canada’s Forests report
New sustainability promise takes responsible forest sourcing to a new level

• New Gold achieves commercial production at Rainy River
• First Cobalt reports high-grade cobalt at Silver Banner mine
Forest sector welcomes NRC’s Clean Growth Program


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