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Fall 2019

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Sudbury-based Cambrian College’s reputation for applied research has reached new heights. On June 13, the Government of Canada announced that Cambrian has been designated as a national Technology Access Centre (TAC), for its expertise in mining.

Cambrian’s TAC, to be known as the Centre for Smart Mining, is made possible through renewable funding of $1.75 million over five years from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Making the announcement on behalf of the government was Nickel Belt Liberal MP Marc Serré.

“With its wealth of experience, infrastructure, expertise and existing relationships with industry partners, Cambrian is extremely well-positioned to advance entrepreneurial activity in mining technology,” said Serré. “We can confidently expect that through its Centre for Smart Mining, Cambrian will become an even greater resource for mining technology developers and producers in Nickel Belt/ Greater Sudbury, Northern Ontario and around the globe.”

A TAC is a centre affiliated with a Canadian college or applied research office that provides access to specialized technology, equipment, and expertise to local industry – particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises – with the goal of enhancing their productivity and innovation.“This will put Cambrian at the forefront of any college of applied research in Canada when it comes to mining,” says Cambrian College President Bill Best. “Being designated as a Technology Access Centre hits all the strategic priorities we’ve identified for Cambrian, namely to champion innovation, enrich the student experience, and expand our influence globally. Congratulations to our Applied Research team for this incredible accomplishment.”

Cambrian is one of only two TACs in Canada with a specialty in mining-related applied research.

Last year, Cambrian College ranked 22nd among Canadian colleges for research activity by income, up 15 places from 2017. Cambrian also placed 2nd overall for growth in applied research income, and 3rd among mid-sized colleges for paid student researchers.

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