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Fall 2019

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Industry leaders propose recommendations for government action through the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (CMMP) at Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference (EMMC) A national alliance of mineral exploration and mining associations urged Mines Ministers, having convened for their 76th annual conference in Cranbrook, to take action to ensure Canada remains a globally competitive jurisdiction and can continue to attract mineral investment.

A brief submitted by the Canadian Mineral Industry Federation (CMIF) proposes a series of recommendations organized under the six strategic directions identified in the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (CMMP) published earlier this year. The plan, developed by Natural Resources Canada with the support of most provincial and territorial governments, identifies specific areas where collaboration and action by federal, provincial and territorial governments can boost Canada’s ability to attract new mineral investment. While Canada has long benefited from a prosperous minerals and metals industry, the country is not immune to global competitive forces and cannot take the benefits and opportunities that exploration and mining presents to Canadians for granted. This year, CMIF proposes the following recommendations in support of the CMMP’s ambitious strategic directions:

1. Economic Development, Regulatory Certainty And Investment Competitiveness

Acknowledging there is fierce global competition for finite exploration and mine development investment dollars, that Canada’s economy is dependent on foreign direct investment, and that tax competitiveness and regulatory certainty are critical determinants of Canada’s investment attractiveness, it is essential that a number of critical measures be considered. These include the effective and efficient regulation of the mining industry, including sound implementation of the new Federal Impact Assessment Act, appropriate access to prospective lands, and continued and expanded investments in remote and northern infrastructure. Additionally, it is important that a strategic review of Canada’s tax regime be conducted with the aim of augmenting Canada’s investment attractiveness.

2. Advancing The Participation Of Indigenous Peoples In The Minerals Sector

The Canadian mineral industry is a leader in Indigenous engagement and partnerships. Governments can support enhanced participation of, and partnerships with, Indigenous communities in the sector through foundational social investments in areas such as health, education and housing, and by targeting funding for skills training and entrepreneurship to assist Indigenous Peoples in securing employment and business development opportunities generated by the industry. Governments should also focus on adequately discharging its duty to consult.

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