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Winter 2020

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After 39 years at Resolute Forest Products Inc., Yves Laflamme is stepping down and retiring from his position as President and CEO in March 2021. Succeeding him is Remi G. Lalonde, current Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Lalonde will be appointed to the Board of Directors in March.

“The Board of Directors express their appreciation to Yves Laflamme for a job well done,” stated Bradley P. Martin, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Resolute. “Yves reinforced Resolute’s vision and values, focusing on safety, sustainability, profitability, accountability, and teamwork. His commitment to continuous improvement, particularly in the area of costs, serves as a model to the entire organization, including the company’s leadership team and board. His leadership of Resolute and support of our operating communities set the foundation for shared prosperity. Yves’ unwavering commitment to workplace safety and environmental stewardship earned Resolute extensive North American and global recognition.”

Remi Lalonde said: “I am honored to succeed Yves Laflamme as Resolute’s next President and CEO. I wholeheartedly believe that Resolute has a bright future. I am excited to lead this talented team of 7,000+ dedicated people as we accelerate the evolution of our business to generate long-term value for our shareholders and to drive sustainable economic activity in the communities where we operate. The road ahead is certainly not without its obstacles, which will require some tough decisions, but we are up to the challenge.”

In a press release, Resolute stated that Lalonde has been with Resolute for 11 years, rising through a series of successive roles in corporate, manufacturing, and senior leadership.

“Remi represents the best of our Resolute culture; he works hard, welcomes collaboration and ideas of others, and believes in truly sustainable outcomes,” said Yves Laflamme.” As we pass the baton, I am pleased for Remi and for the entire Resolute organization who will benefit from his capable stewardship and drive to succeed.”